Super Rare Early Semmerling LM-4 .45ACP Pistol Surfaces

7/27/20 | Chris Eger

An unusual micro-compact .45ACP with a cloak-and-dagger history behind them, the Semmerling LM-4 is among the most sought after of collectible handguns.

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A Look Back at the Classic Colt Diamondback Revolver

7/22/20 | Chris Eger

Colt produced the Diamondback revolver in multiple calibers across three decades, but a lot of people hardly remember this classic wheel gun.

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New Survey: Gun Ownership is for Protection, Most Opposed to Bans

7/21/20 | Chris Eger

A new survey found the number one reason for firearm ownership is for protection and that most are opposed to arbitrary gun bans.

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