Letter to the Editor: Former Gun Control Activist Turned Gun Owner

7/9/20 | Jacki Billings

At its core, this letter to the editor begs the question: left or right, what would you do to protect your family in the midst of a crisis?

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1989 Time Machine: The Rarely-Seen Norinco Type 84S in .223

7/9/20 | Chris Eger

Gather round and hear a tale of an extremely rare .223-caliber AK-style semi-auto rifle that was only imported for a single, controversial year.

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Bananafish & Babylon Berlin Vibe Check: The Ortgies Pistol

7/8/20 | Chris Eger

An obscure product of the 1920s, the German-made Ortgies pistol is an interesting design that never really caught on– except with collectors.

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