New John Wick Trailer Has Guns, Lots of Guns

3/22/19 | Chris Eger

If you are a fan of really nice 3 Gun setups, the new John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum preview is must-watch firearms material.

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Full Auto Friday: Reising SMG Edition (VIDEOS)

3/22/19 | Chris Eger

Most don’t know that bargain boomstick maker Harrington & Richardson made a submachine gun that saw service from Guadalcanal to Normandy– but it happened.

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Why You Should Ditch Sub-Compact and Carry Mid-Size (VIDEO)

3/21/19 | Jacki Billings

I ditched the single stack sub-compact as my carry gun a couple of years ago, opting for a mid-size Glock 19 to serve as my everyday CC for a few reasons.

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