How to Make the Most Fun for a Family Range Trip

7/18/19 | Kristin Alberts

A home range gives you some pure American family fun, but there’s more to consider before setting up some empty soda cans and grabbing an old plinker.

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Young Guns: When to Teach Kids to Shoot

7/17/19 | Noah Alkinburgh

A question I often get asked is, “When should children be introduced to shooting?” I typically say you know your kid best and every kid is different.

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Erma ET-22 Navy is a Great Collectible or Heirloom Pistol (VIDEO)

7/16/19 | Don Summers

The Erma ET-22 Navy is a great gun to own for Luger enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys a classic .22 rimfire pistol. But, it’s more than just a looker.

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