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GUNS.COM is introducing a convenient, user-friendly, low cost way for FFLs to sell guns online. A better solution for gun stores to sell online is finally here.
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Simple Setup:

This is your FFL, your firearms, your community. We aren't building the new Guns.com to offer you a solution that eats up your time and resources. The Guns.com FFL Dealer Network is being built to sell more of your guns. Connect your shop's point of sale system, integrate and have new and used inventory online in real time. Don't have a POS system or used inventory digitally accessible? Not to worry, we have alternate points of access and service agents who will get your firearms online and in front of millions of gun owners.

Sell Guns, Not Transfers

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    Our Leads, Your Inventory: Our first goal is to sell your inventory. If a customer in your area buys something you have in stock, we sell them yours. More guns sold, fewer transfers.
  • Guns.com Increased Turns icon
    Increased Turns: We make it easier for you to move inventory. Get product listed quickly, easily, and professionally. We'll help you get your products in front of millions of buyers who are ready to purchase.
  • Guns.com Closed Network, Dealers Only icon
    Closed Network, Dealers Only: Only storefront FFLs can sell on Guns.com - no individual gun sellers or auctions, just legit gun stores like yours.
  • Guns.com Technology Solution icon
    Technology Solution: We integrate with most large POS systems to get your inventory listed with little or no effort on your part.
  • Guns.com Plug and Play icon
    Plug and Play: Joining the network is easy. Getting your inventory listed is even easier – spend more time with your customers and less time dealing with an out of date website that is difficult to manage.
  • Guns.com Expanded Reach icon
    Expanded Customer Reach: Millions of responsible, informed gun owners already visit Guns.com. Get your inventory in front of an audience anxious to buy from someone they trust.
  • Guns.com Your Investment icon
    Your Investment: We know you're doing most of the work - you procure the inventory, store it, talk to the buyer, perform the background check. Shouldn't you get paid more fairly? Guns.com handles shipping and payment processing. We won't nickel and dime you to have bold letters and colors in your listing. You know what it's going to cost, and in most cases, it's going to be less than other sites.
  • Guns.com Bottom Line icon
    Bottom Line: Guns.com exists to help you sell more guns. We believe you and your customers deserve an easier way to access guns online. We also believe you should keep more profit from the inventory you sell instead of the online broker. Join the Guns.com network and start making more money through online sales.

GUNS.COM is the dealer-focused online sales platform

Selling your guns online should be easy. And it shouldn't cost you a fortune. GUNS.COM has listened to both consumers and dealers, and we've created a better solution. Get started easily, don't get nickel and dimed with fees, sell more guns, and make more money. Isn't that what you've always wanted from your online sales?

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Lose the Hassle

GUNS.COM puts technology to work for you. We integrate with your inventory and automate the painful processes others make you handle.

  • No manual management of items to monitor or lose track of. Integrate and go.
  • Leave the paperwork to us. You sell a firearm on GUNS.COM - we take care of all FFL verifications, credit card processing, shipping labels, customer notifications, alerts etc.
  • Dealers Only. GUNS.COM will only sell firearms from FFL licensed shops. Your listings won't be watered down or drowned out by basement bandits and classified listings.
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Lower Fees

Competition Chart:

Gun Price Cost to Sell on Gunbroker Cost to Sell on Guns.com Your Savings
$250 $23 $12 $10
$500 $39 $25 $14
$1,000 $71 $49 $22
$1,500 $104 $74 $30
$2,000 $136 $98 $38

* Assumes seller pays 3% credit card transaction fee

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An Online Marketplace For Today's Gun Owner

A no-nonsense solution for customers that is intuitive, modern, secure and fast. An experience backed by a huge inventory of both new and used guns, great customer service and a celebration of the gun community.

Over the past seven years GUNS.COM has become a trusted source of industry news to millions of highly engaged and passionate gun owners. We are turning that trusted leadership into the industry's finest ecommerce experience.

Customer Service

Buying guns online should not be this difficult.

"I can't find what I am looking for"..."Is that firearm actually in stock"..."Wait, I need to call these shops and organize the FFL licenses"..."What is an FFL license anyway? Is it the same as a background check?"..."I am not sure who is charging my card"..."Where do I pick up my gun?"..."No one told me when my gun arrived"..."Is anyone processing returns?"..."Who is responsible if there is a problem?". These are all frustrations we have heard from customers for years. It is an unacceptable and unnecessary burden of time and patience put onto online consumers.

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GUNS.COM handles all that. Fully staffed customer service, technology, and product teams will provide a best in a class experience to both you and your customers.

Customers hit the buy button on GUNS.COM and we do the rest. From alerts when their firearm is ready in store to be picked up, to FFL license confirmation, shipping, returns, and more, GUNS.COM handles the sale front to back. Guns.com takes the post sale burden off of both customers and FFLs. It's everything online sales should be – faster, easier, and more profitable – finally delivered on.

Let's Partner

Guns.com Helps You Sell Your Inventory

Supporting and promoting local FFL dealers is critical to GUNS.COM's mission. We aim to be your online solution, reducing administrative headaches, keeping customers happy, and selling more of your guns. We make gun buying easy, you make it local. Join the GUNS.COM network and see how we can drive sales for you.


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